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Corestore Collection - VCF-East 2006

VCF-East 2006 took place in Wall, NJ - not tooooo far from the Corestore facilities in Westchester, NY. So I decided to take part of the Corestore collection on the road, and mount a display of IBM minicomputers. Henk Stegeman was also visiting the VCF, and very gamely volunteered to help me load up, transport, and set up the gear.

Systems /32, /34, /36, and /38 all loaded and tied down in the truck.

The Corestore exhibit set up and running.

From right to left: Henk & wife, the /32, the /34, the /36, and the /38. The /38 is the only one that wasn't running; it needs three-phase power.

Yours Truly sitting on the System/32 - just started tearing-down at the end of the show. Photo by Sellam Ismail.

The System/32 was one of the great success stories of the show; perhaps it benefitted from being shaken in the back of a truck for a couple of hours. Either way, we managed to get it IPLed (IBM-speak for 'booted') and running programs and commands for the very first time in my ownership! In the above photo, Henk is troubleshooting the printer.

Proof - it IPLed, and stayed up for hours :-)