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Corestore collection - DEC PDP Systems

I'm interested in many systems - workstations, IBM mainframes, supercomputers etc - but my first love has always been the DEC range, especially the machines built between '65 and '75. It was one of those (a pdp-8e which my girlfriend intercepted before it hit the scrap pile) which started me off on my collecting. One of the items which excited my interest in the associated documentation which came with the 8e was a DEC brochure, circa 1972, which described their then-current range... I made it my mission to secure at least one of each type in the brochure for preservation, and I have almost suceeded. Presented below are some pages on the machines I have in my collection, conveniently broken down by word size. There are pages with full descriptions and photos for most of these: click on the links.

12-bit machines - pdp-8 & pdp-12

pdp-12 number one
pdp-12 number two
pdp-8/e (several of them!)
pdp-8/a (two of them)
pdp-8/L (two of them)
pdp-8/I (two of them)
pdp-8/s (ok ok I don't own this pdp; I very nearly bought it but the price got crazy. Photos are too nice to delete tho :-) (and yes I'd still like to buy one, and a straight-8!)

16-bit machines - pdp-11
pdp-11/70 - one complete, two more disassembled
pdp-11/55 - two of those
pdp-11/20 - the *original* pdp-11, v1.0, my favourite!
pdp-11/34 - two or three of those, I've lost track!
Pro 350

18-bit machines - pdp-15
pdp-15 number one
pdp-15 number two

32-bit machines - VAX-11

36-bit machines - DECsystem 10 & 20
DECsystem10 - KL10-DB

Software & Peripherals
Software - mostly paper tape
Peripherals - teletypes, terminals, etc.