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Photo Diary - week ending December 31st 2006
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The final entry for the year opens with, of course, Christmas day. Cue ducklings going crazy:

Iain, pulling something out of a stocking:

A classic Sandy 'am I being *naughty*???!!!' expression:

Wheeee! CARS!

Sandy happily intrigued by a geometrical ball:

OK... Daddy finally got a UtiliKilt:

Sandy likes it...

5 out of 6 women who have so far pronounced on the 'hot or not?' question have answered 'RRRRRROWR.... HOT!':

Dec. 31st. found us celebrating Hogmanay (that's New Year's Eve to you non-Scots) in unconventional fashion:
boarding a plane for ten days in Hawai'i!! :-)