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Photo Diary - week ending November 26th 2006
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End of one party week, start of another... Thanksgiving this week! We're enthusiastic adopters of
American customs :-)

But first some trains were chased - Tuesday night brought the CSX local 750 freight into the Marval sidings at
Mamaroneck. Crossing Fenimore Rd.:

And posing briefly for a photo before heading out on the main line:

Thanksgiving itself was on Thursday... we had a hybrid Scottish/American/Latvian celebration... roast turkey,
with my interpretation of oyster stuffing, but with Scottish veg - tatties, carrots and spinach instead of yams,
sweet potatoes etc. And cranachan for desert, followed by a second desert of a Latvian apple pie - prepared by Gunita,
our au pair, and Baiba, another Latvian au pair who was our guest of honour:

Gunita took this photo. Iain was camera-shy throughout:

Of course with two young children, the day after Thanksgiving means... the tree!