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Photo Diary - week ending October 22nd 2006
(NOTE - click on any image to see the high-resolution version)

Monday saw me moving a cleaned-up H960 rack into the study:

Tuesday was another doc visit - my penultimate maintenance therapy. Not a lot else achieved that day! Wednesday
quite tired but not too tired to check out the P&W stone train that came through Mamaroneck at 12.30:

Thursday... Iain showed himself to be a budding artist, with a tasteful and original arrangement of crayons in a candle holder!

Portrait of the artist:

Since this is fairly quiet 'news week', it's about time we formally introduced our new car:

Morigan is a Mercedes-Benz R-Class - an R350.

Named after the Celtic Goddess Morigan/Morrigan/Morigawn/Morigel (depending on which spelling
you believe), who was a kind of Celtic Valkyrie, a Goddess of battle. She also wore the aspect of a raven;
big, bad, and black. Quite appropriate we thought.

Typical Merc inside - very nice, lots of wood and leather.

A full six seater - six adults, that is. Just what we need for two of us, two kids, an au pair, and a bunch of stuff.

With the rear seats down the load space is enormous - and still four full seats available remember! It's a kind of trihybrid
bastard thing, part SUV (it's four-wheel drive, but no so big and bulky), part minivan (but not so high and boxy), and part big
estate/station wagon (but even bigger). MB call it a 'Grand Sports Tourer'. We love it.