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Photo Diary - week ending November 12th 2006
(NOTE - click on any image to see the high-resolution version)

A very 'trainy' week: Monday found me at Fort Montgomery, testing the new video camera. But some stills
were also shot:

Southbound containers, including HLCX leased power...

...and Northbound autorack:

Monday night, the local freight job, CSX B-750, had a minor derailment whilst switching out some cars in the Marval
sidings in Mamaroneck, only a couple of hundred yards from our house:

Closeup of the derailed truck:

It sat there all day, so of course I brought Iain down for a look - he was fascinated to see a big freight locomotive close-up!

That evening the CSX crew re-railed it. They started around 5pm...

...and a couple of good heaves had the job done within ten minutes:

Later in the week I completed the cosmetic clean-up of my very nice pdp-8/m... it's in lovely condition, in
the unusual short rack - Goddess only knows what it would fetch on eBay these days!

On Friday it was trains again - went out to Southeast, to shoot HDTV of FL9 2014 on the Wassaic shuttle.
Here's the still you, can also download the video - right-click HERE and use 'save as' - VLC plays it, don't know what else.
Warning - it IS HDTV, so it's 70MB for a 30sec movie clip!