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Photo Diary - week ending September 10th 2006
(NOTE - click on any image to see the high-resolution version)

This week started with the cleanup of the mess left by TS Ernesto - we're currently without power, one large tree
down in our garden. Here's our deck:

Here's the tree we lost:

And here's the bloody great tree on the road 20 yards from our house, which has blocked the road and
had our power off since lunchtime on Saturday:

No power, everything melting in fridge, it's Monday, it's Labor day... what to do? Go to Renfaire of course!

We saw my old friend Erika the Harpist, whom I first met at a Wiccan healing Circle in Central Park
a few days after 9/11:

We found the right place to put our au pair (who is really a very good au pair!):

There were spectacular costumes:


And yet more spectacular costumes:

When we got back from Renfaire, we discovered we had power back - joy! On Tuesday we took the boys to
story time at the local library. Iain gets on very well with Gabriel, one of his best friends:

Iain is getting to be quite the young man:

Then went to Rye station looking for the mythical P&W stone train... it never showed up, but a nice old
Metro North geep did:

Thursday saw a trip to Iona Island, to see some freight trains:

Relatively rare BNSF power:

Thursday night is Au Pairs Movie Night at the Corestore... this week saw a record crowd; 18:

Friday night saw us watching trains at Mamaroneck... and Gunita heading into town to see Shakira perform:

Last but not least... Iain loves wearing my shades whilst watching trains!