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Photo Diary - week ending October 8th 2006
(NOTE - click on any image to see the high-resolution version)

Well IOLAIR, our WRX, is back from the 30,000 service and bodyshop - looking and running considerably sharper now:

Monday was a housework day - my least favourite job, the Great Floor Washing:

Tuesday whilst boys were at school I tried for the stone train again. No luck, but a Metro North geep did show
up hauling two dead EMU cars:

Tuesday afternoon I nipped up to South Norwalk in search of an FL9, and found one:

Thursday was a Big Day; checkup with my excellent Doc, Dr John C. Byrne. Cystoscopy. All well.
Thursday evening and SWMBO is 'gallivanting' - out late in NYC on business dinner. Iain is fast asleep
and looking extremely cute: