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Photo Diary - week ending November 5th 2006
(NOTE - click on any image to see the high-resolution version)

Samhain/Halloween came around.... and I found myself on my way to Scotland, paying a flying visit to
my dad. At Newark airport, a Lufthansa 747 and a Continental 757 had a little bump:

Back home the family was having fun. We had Firefighter Sandy:..

...and (very camera-shy) Doctor Iain

One morning in Scotland I paid a quick visit to the lower Strathfarrar power stations. Kilmorack:

And Aigas:

Aigas has a dramatic location, in a rocky gorge:

There were contractors working, so I took an interior shot through the open door. These power stations
were beautifully built and finished!

Headed down to Glasgow for the flight home - took a nice night shot of a local landmark, the People's Palace:

Flying home from Scotland we actually saw something other than solid cloud, for one. And we took a strange
far-north route, only turning more west near Fort William. Here's the Blackwater Reservoir:

Our Northerly route continued trans-oceanic: sometimes, especially in winter, the transatlantic route
passes just off the South tip of Greenland. Today we went even further North, right over Greenland. Scary stuff:

Back home. Sunday the 5th was a birthday party for one of Iain's closest friends, Gabriel. A
wonderful time was had. Iain decorated a gift bag:

And Gabriels very talented mom put on a puppet show!