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Photo Diary - week ending October 1st 2006
(NOTE - click on any image to see the high-resolution version)

Mummy on a 'holiday at home' week this week. Monday saw me taking a short break - flew to St. Thomas USVI
on Sunday, staying at wonderful Bolongo Bay:

Monday was scuba diving with my old friend Kim:

Nice but scrappy shore dive in Coki Bay - nice place but I didn't dive well; too long out of the water,
plus the fag end of a low-grade cold. Tuesday was a lazy day, and start of flights home. Wednesday was
spent in Gulfport, MS - visited my old friends Marvis and Susanne:

Got a fascinating guided tour of Gulfport... really sad to see so much damage still from Katrina, and so much that
can never be repaired... the beautiful old Antebellum houses along the shore are just *gone*...

Had to photograph the fire engine for Iain :-)

Got home knackered on Wednesday late, so had a lazyish day on Thursday, much housework on Friday... Saturday Iain went
into city with mummy, so I took Sandy to watch a train... the Providence and Worcester stone train which runs on the
New Haven line 2 or 3 times most weeks... one of the very very few freight trains we see on this line.

Caught at 11.15AM at South Norwalk (missed it at Mamaroneck as traffic was snarled-up and couldn't get to the station in time - they were
tearing up Fenimore Road for resurfacing):

Sunday was messed-up; supposed to be going to birthday party for Iains best friend Jack - all ready at 1PM for 1.30 party,
then found Diana had misread the invitation and the party had actually been at 10.30... bugger.