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Iain - aged six to twelve months

Iain is soooo much fun! Diana went back to work after 4 months, I
resigned to start my career as a full-time daddy. Hard work but a
LOT of fun!

Just over 5 months old now, continuing where I left off...
laughing my head off and playing peekaboo!

Lying on my tummy is old hat - I've just learned to sit up!

Wiggling happily on the quilt with William - his mummy and daddy
are good buddies of my mummy and daddy. Wonder what will
happen if I pull his ear...???

Now just over six months and what's this?! My very first taste
of solid food!

Further and additonal wiggling & giggling, enthusiastically getting ready for a
walk with mum. 6 1/2 months now!

Out for a walk with daddy this time... more wiggling in Central Park.

My mummy is sooooo silly!

I'm a little hacker! And look close - I'm 7 months and I have TWO teeth!

I'm 7 months, I have TWO teeth, and I'm STANDING!

My granny & granda Gordon came to New York just to visit me!

Nearly 8 months and my first Halloween/Samhain - I got to
dress as a dragon! <roar>

Excuse me! What are YOU doing with MY rattle?!
A girlfriend comes for a playdate...

The end of November... 8 1/2 months now, going home for the holidays!
Wheeee! Uh oh... it's Gatwick... yuck!

Now over 9 months, visiting my new holiday home - to be more than a
holiday home one day! - Cnoc Riabhach, in the wilds of Assynt

Back in Dingwall - ten months now, and my first Christmas!!!!
I'm very excited AND I'm in my Santa Suit!

Down in Glasgow, we had a proper Christmas dinner!

Now I'm really excited! I'm helping mummy open all my presents!

Mummy had her old friend Kirsty come and visit. I like her. She fed me.

January... back in New York... nearly ten months old, and on an evil night
of snow, I move into my new house!!!!

February... 11 months old and I'm hassling poor William again!
I'm sorry - it's just tooooo much fun!

March... very nearly a whole YEAR old! And I've found a new game!
Bouncing up and down and trying to destroy daddy's hard disks!

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