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2005 Winter Vacation - Bolongo Bay, USVI

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We stayed at the Bolongo Bay Beach Club - a nice owner-managed family beach resort on St. Thomas,
USVI. Nice view of the bay from our room.

Breakfast at the Beach Bar - where chefs Ric & Josh serve up some *seriously* good (I mean
world-class) cuisine. Ewelina, our au pair, came with us and had a great time!

If in doubt, hit the pool - Sandy aged 8 weeks, first swimming lesson.

Another view of the view from our room.

Possibly the hardest-working au pair in the world... Ewelina relaxing outside Iggies Beach Bar, prior to
consuming yet another banana daquiri...

The pool was not without its hazards - always check under your sun lounger...

... and watch out for food thieves!

Sunrise from our room...

... and moonrise

Iain had a great time on the beach!

'Look at me! I'm irresistably cute!'

Iain improved his childcare skill whilst on holiday. First he decided Sandy was in need of feeding...

...unfortunately he then decided Sandy needed his teeth brushing! Sandy not amused... nice try Iain!

Finish up with a nice relaxing evening stroll along the beach.

Click on the pics for full-size versions